About Us

ViARsys provides Turnkey Solutions and convergence systems based upon our many years’ experience in the entertainment industry, combined this our team’s expertise and passion for Virtual and Augmented reality.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Turnkey Solution for arcades from the conception to realisation and operation
  • Cooperation’s with educational institutions and museums to preserve history in the Metaverse
  • VR and AR consulting, trainings and education
  • VR and AR game development
  • VR and AR presentations of hotel and casino venues for the tourism and leisure industry
  • VR and AR supported marketing campaigns, events, exhibitions, and roadshows

We know that every business has its own specific needs, so our consultants will help you with building a new one or make the existing one more successful with offering you a tailor-made solution, based on your business needs.

Our Team

Our development team are based all over Europe. We've focused on bringing together the most creative minds in the European entertainment industry today. ​Their combined efforts are building some of the most state-of-the-art software ever to be seen in entertainment world.

Photo of Konrad


Founder of ViARsys

After 18 years of experience in various leading positions in the landbased and online casino and amusement industry and pioneering convergence of online and landbased casinos Konrad went all VR and aims to bring the future of virtual reality into brick and mortar locations.

Photo of Elitsa


Co-Founder of ViARsys

Elitsa has over 12 years of experience in running the operation of arcades, casinos and online gaming operations. Her outstanding expertise in marketing, customer relations and her drive for organization are at the heart of all ViARsys projects.


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